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Missing App Store Receipt

If you are seeing a Missing App Store Receipt box when starting the app and are unable to download weather, you must login to the iTunes Store with your password to allow the receipt to be retrieved. This requires an internet connection. This is a normal part of the App Store purchasing process.

Weather Download Problems

July 1, 2020 - 3 day weather broken - National Weather Service website change. Run 'Fix It' for a possible fix, NOAA website running real slow and WF gives up.

October 23,2019 - 24-hour weather not updating - NWS has updated there webpage, due to professional commitments a fix will take about a week.Fixed

Febuary 8,2019 - 24-hour and 3 day weather not updating - National Weather Service website issue. NWS fixing it.

August 24,2018 - Winds aloft not updating - aviationweather.gov rearranged website. Links updated, new version coming. Fixed.

April 27,2017 - Winds aloft not updating - aviationweather.gov outage due to website maintenance. Restored.

April 4,2017- 24-hour weather not updating - National Weather Service outage due to maintenance. Restored.

Trouble downloading weather in the App can be caused by accidentally editing the internet weather sources in the app's settings, general internet connect issues, problems with servers at the national weather service or the unlikely case of the weather service re-arranging their website.

To further debug your problem click the appropriate link in the following list from your iPad or iPhone:

Each of the links should show appropriate weather data as a long table of mostly numbers. If they all do show weather correctly then click on this link: If they don't show correct weather data and your internet is otherwise working without problems please contact me at

Update Internet Weather Sources

Other Problems

Please contact me at